8 thoughts on “Хэн нь самж байна даа?”

  1. Ã…hh sÃ¥ fine bilder Petunia. Hvitveisbildet ditt er rett og slett ett vinnerbilde! :)Vakkert, vakkert, vakkert….!Stilig bilde av hoggormen. Du er modig! Vi gikk pÃ¥ skogstur pÃ¥ torsdag. Er sÃ¥ redd for Ã¥ møte pÃ¥ en hoggorm, men har aldri sett en selv…… Takk og lov! ;)God helg til deg og dine. :)

  2. to be quite popular. Possibly the youth look at trad blogging the way we look at the military-entertainment complex. Also Twitter seems the increasingly preferred platform for breaking news such as fires and plane wrecks. I’m not micro-blogging there yet but am maintaining an account in the hope that it will can spam and proffer encryption at some stage – that it will evolve in other words. Vanity is not the worst thing in the world is it? Ego is not a dirty word to me.

  3. bad dude…I figured, but it would have been funny if it was about a dog… I was trying to joke around.So now to make you feel- somewhat better, I will share an all too personal story about my exgirlfriend falling asleep on what I felt was a close and intimate moment. Seriously she did- the worst part was she was the one performing the “work” and suddenly nodded off with her face between my legs

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