14 thoughts on “Амьтад ч бас согтууруулах ундаанд дуртай”

  1. The alcoholic distilled beverage (maroela mampoer) made from the fruit is referenced in the stories of the South African writer Herman Charles Bosman.

    The marula fruit is also eaten by various animals in Southern Africa. In the movie Animals Are Beautiful People by Jamie Uys, released in 1974, some scenes portray elephants, warthogs and monkeys becoming intoxicated from eating fermented marula fruit. Later research showed that these scenes, at least in large animals were improbable and, in all probability, staged. Elephants would need a huge amount of fermented marulas to have any effect on them, and other animals prefer the ripe fruit. The amount of water drunk by elephants each day would also dilute the effect of the fruit to such an extent that they would not be affected by it

  2. además eso que se ve en el medio de la Iglesia eran dos teles dando no se que leches de la salvación y no se que mas, yo creo que da para hacer una peli de miedo ochentera :P@Pau, a mi me encantó Osaka. De echo, si no me sale curro en Tokyo miraré en Osaka, que además esta a 15 min de Kobe y a 15 de Kyoto, o sea que genial!!

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